What Does an Editor Do?

The editor is the first reader. If he or she doesn't understand what the writer is trying to say, then neither will the intended audience. Editors smooth out, clean up, make sense of and clarify, taking words that aren't expressing what the writer intended, and turning them into words that work.


Before Editing After Editing
1. We are of the view that these estimates will likely be surpassed. We believe these estimates are low.

2. We cannot afford sensibly to stay as we are. To build a long-term sustainable change model to last us 10 years is the only way forward. In doing so, we need to retain all that is positive about our current performance but align this with an outwards facing strategic enabling approach. We need a 10-year plan.

3. The decision to want to proceed beyond their current job is a personal one and clearly rests with each and every employee. Existing employees can opt any time to participate in our learning program, when the time seems right according to the individual circumstances. Our learning program allows employees to dictate the level and pace of the learning they need to qualify themselves for promotional considerations. To enhance career opportunities, each employee can choose to participate at any time in our learning program, dictating the level and pace of his or her own progress.