Emails That Get Results

(And don't drive everybody else crazy)

Workshop Objectives

In this half-day workshop, participants  learn how to increase their effectiveness by organizing, writing and delivering emails that result in clear and productive communication with their recipients.

Participants Will Learn:

  • What an effective email looks like: subject line, length, number of points
  • How to keep the tone of emails businesslike and courteous
  • How to write emails that elicit timely answers
  • How to keep emails short, yet packed with information
  • When it is best to use other channels: phone, face-to-face
  • What emails never to write
  • Five time-wasting habits and how to turn them around
  • Email minefields and how to navigate them
  • How to assess another person's emails and suggest ways for improvement

Program Features

  • A highly interactive, fast-paced environment
  • Group and individual exercises
  • Real email examples
  • A workbook that aids participants in following each step of the workshop, including summaries of concepts and recommended reference materials


Participants bring the equivalent of three pages of emails they have written (can be a series of shorter emails as long as the total equals three pages).