Writing That Gets Results

Workshop Objectives

In this one- or half-day workshop, participants will learn ways to write effectively, so their words work for them, not against them. We will discuss the most prevalent myths about good writing and how to correct them, along with many useful tips and habits to help with structure, style and organizing content.

Participants Will Learn To:

  • Understand why clear and concise writing is important to increase their effectiveness and productivity
  • Assess how clear and concise their own writing is, and how to address any gaps
  • Look at their writing from their reader's point of view
  • Understand the needs of different audiences
  • Assess another person's writing and suggest ways for improvement (full day)

Program Outline

In a highly interactive, fast-paced format that includes group exercises, competition, and real business examples, participants explore the myths of effective writing and how to correct them. In the full-day option,  participants use the new skills they have learned to edit each other's writing.

Participants receive an extensive  workbook that aids them in following each step of the workshop and includes resource sheets, summaries of concepts, and recommended reference materials.


  • Available in flexible half-day and full-day formats to fit easily into work or conference schedules
  • The techniques can be applied to any type of writing, from emails and letters to reports and business plans.