Everybody who writes for a senior executive audience should attend Pat's course on Writing Effective Summaries and Briefings."
Blaine Varner
vice president
bank of montreal


Real Words Workshops

  • Tired of reading updates, reports and emails from your employees that are long, sloppily written and don't give you the information you need?
  • Frustrated with spending hours writing reports, proposals or emails that don't get read, or acted upon?
  • Want some help in communicating with people outside your area of expertise?

Courses offered by Patricia Davies Communications teach you and your employees new ways to write more clearly and concisely, so your words work for you, not against you.

Writing That Gets Results

Writing That Gets Results is a core course that challenges five long-held myths about effective writing. Participants work on examples taken from real business communications to correct those myths, developing the ability to gauge the needs of different audiences and to express themselves in a  logical form they can use in any type of business communication. Full or half-day.

Emails That Get Results

Emails That Get Results (And don't drive everybody else crazy) teaches participants  how to increase their effectiveness by organizing, writing and delivering emails that result in clear and productive communication with their recipients. Half-day.

Straight to the Point

In Straight to the Point participants learn how to organize, write and deliver a targeted briefing or summary that clearly highlights for decision-makers the main features of a business plan, report or proposal. Full day.

Write to the Point for Business Analysis

Business analysts (BAs) will learn the best practices they can use to write to all stakeholders. The concepts learned apply to any narrative document BAs are required to write, including reports and descriptions of requirements. Full day.

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