Presentations and Speeches

Each audience has different information needs from a speech or presentation, but they all share the same hard chairs and limited tolerance for wasting their time. To keep members of the audience awake and engaged, Patricia Davies operates under the following credo. Make sure speeches/presentations:

  • Stay as short as possible
  • Have a point and stick to it
  • Never contain "Let me tell you the history of... "

Selected Client List

  • Bank of Montreal: various senior managers and executives for presentations to Board of Director meetings, employee town halls and outside venues

"I've got a supply chain story to tell you but I'm going to start in the middle, not at the beginning. Let's go back to last Christmas, seven weeks ago. More precisely, to the time between opening the gifts in the morning and sitting down to dinner. What were you doing between, say, 12 noon and 6 p.m?... "

John Errington, Bank of Montreal

"I can think of one way my life as a banker is less complicated than yours as a health care professional. It's easy for a banker to quickly figure out who to visit for a health problem. If I have a raging toothache I call a dentist. Severe stomach pains and a high fever? I get on the phone quickly to my doctor. However, it's not so straightforward for doctors and dentists when they need financial assistance, either with setting up a practice, running it day-to-day or expanding it... "

How to spend more time with your patients and less with your bookkeeper - Bank of Montreal

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